School Board

Pleasant Board Members

Name Position Committees
Pam Freshour President Legislative Liaison, Finance, Curriculum, 

Brian Sparling Vice President Athletics, Curriculum,  Negotiations,



Gary Sims Member Legislative Liaison, Policy, Building & Grounds,

Transportation, Finance

740-387-9041 - day

740-389-5973 - evening
740-225-0950 - cell

Annette Holler Member Transportation, Negotiations, Athletics, 

Public/Community Relations, Student Achievement Liaison


Vicki Kimmel Member Policy, Building & Grounds,  

Public/Community Relations, Student Achievement Liaison


Jennifer Adams Superintendent
Jolene Carter Treasurer

Regular Meetings:

All board meetings are listed on the District Calendar.  Please click HERE to view the calendar.

Upon the request to the Superintendent, the District will make reasonable
accommodation for a disabled person to participate in this activity.