Special Education


The Pleasant Local Schools Board of Education, as an expression of its commitment to provide a free, appropriate, public education for students with disabilities in accordance with State and Federal laws, rules, and regulations has established and implemented policies in the following areas:

A. Child Identification – Ongoing efforts will be made to identify, locate, and evaluate students below twenty-two (22) years of age, who reside in the District and have a confirmed or suspected disability in accordance with Federal and State standards.

B. Procedural Safeguards – A child with a disability and his/her parent shall be provided safeguards throughout the identification, evaluation, and placement process.

C. Multifactored Evaluation – A multifactored evaluation for students with disabilities will be provided. This evaluation will ensure that children are assessed in their native language or mode of communication; tests are used for validated purposed; children are evaluated in all areas related to their suspected disability, testing is conducted by a multidisciplinary team; testing materials are not racially or culturally biased; tests are administered by trained personnel in conformance with the instructions provided by the producer, and a medical evaluation, when required as part of the multifactored evaluation, shall be provided at no cost to the parent.

D. Individualized Education Program – An individualized education program (IEP) will be developed for each child with a disability who requires special education. The IEP shall be designed to meet the unique educational needs of the child. The IEP shall be reviewed and revised as often as necessary, but at least annually.

E. Least Restrictive Environment – The education of children with disabilities shall occur in the least restrictive environment. They shall be appropriate and designed to meet the unique needs of each child with a disability

F. Confidentiality of Data – The confidentiality of personally-identifiable data relating to children with disabilities and their parents and families shall be protected at collection, storage, disclosure and destruction

G. Due Process – The district will utilize procedures that allow differences of opinion between parent(s) and this District or agencies and this District.

H. Surrogate Parent – Whenever the parent(s) or guardian(s) of a child with a disability is not known, or cannot be located, or when the child is a ward of the State, the child’s rights shall be protected through the assignment of an individual who will serve as the child’s surrogate parent.

I. Testing Programs – Students with disabilities shall participate in local and State-wide testing programs to the maximum extent possible. Individual exemptions shall be determined during an IEP conference.

The Pleasant Local School District currently employs six (6) full time Intervention Specialists. These Specialists work very closely with students, parents, teachers, administration and support staff. They are Highly Qualified in a variety of areas.


Pleasant Elementary School

Mrs. Pam Smith

Mrs. Janeen Perriguey

Pleasant Middle School

Mr. Randy Owings

Mrs. Meagan Horn

Pleasant High School

Mrs. Pam Gianero

Pleasant Local Schools also provides supplemental services to children who have been identified as needing additional services. Some of these services are: speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, psychological services, individual and/or small group counseling, and audiological services. A few of these services are provided by outside organizations. Many students also receive the opportunity to work closely with teachers in a small group study session.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about the special education services provided by Pleasant Local Schools please contact Cindy Moore at cindy.moore@pleasantstaff.org.