COVID Update

COVID Update
Posted on 12/06/2020

Happy Sunday!  I hope you are enJOYing this day!  In response to the latest COVID update, we had a few questions I wanted to address.

#1. A question was posed regarding Zoom sessions and attendance.  The Ohio Department of Education has been gracious enough to allow remote learning to count as instructional days this year during the pandemic.  However, there are many rules and guidelines for districts to follow in order for this to occur.  One of those strict regulations involves guidelines for attendance.  As a result, Pleasant has to ensure we follow these regulations.  Therefore, it is imperative that students follow the procedures outlined in their teacher’s digital classrooms.  If you are having problems with the internet, understanding directions, and/or navigating the tabs within the digital classroom, please contact the teacher and let him/her know.  Providing adequate attempts have been made and missing assignments are not an on-going problem, we will be able to work with your child so attendance is not an issue.  Finally, if you are having difficulty, don’t hesitate to reach out to your building principal for assistance.


#2  Second semester begins Tuesday, January 19, 2021.  Therefore, students transitioning between Option #1 to Option #2 or Option #2 to Option #1 will transition on this day.  Please remember that in order for Pleasant to adjust classes and staffing, anyone choosing Option #2 will remain in this remote instructional model for the remainder of the school year.  Unfortunately, due to our staffing restraints we are not able to create shorter term agreements.


#3  Pleasant collaborates with all of the other districts in Marion County.  We are privileged to have a great relationship, work together to share ideas, and help each other to create the best solutions we can for the students and families of Marion.  While all districts strive to put in place common practices, we find that it is not always possible and/or appropriate.  Each district has its own set of challenges and strengths.  These various strengths and challenges mean that at times, we will not be uniform in the instructional model we implement.  Each district desires to be face to face as much as possible; however the challenges that present themselves will determine its possibility.  Thus, Pleasant will always put in place the instructional model that best serves our community!


As always if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Again, we appreciate your on-going support.  Please continue to lead by example and protect your neighbor by wearing your mask, keeping your tribe small, frequently washing your hands, and social distancing.  Stay Spartan Strong!