Renewal Levy

Renewal Levy
Posted on 11/04/2020
Good Afternoon,
This email is in response to last night’s election. We’d like to thank our community for taking time to vote on your school’s renewal levy. While we are disappointed to lose this renewal, we will work to respond and make critical decisions to do our best to protect your investment. The state’s new budget is due to come out in January for school funding starting July.  This budget will seriously impact our future. Therefore, we will continue to be cautious in our spending and will begin to make decisions regarding 2021-22 once the new state budget is released.

Last night and this morning, we have had a few people ask if the owners of the district could continue to give their 2.31 mils to the school for the next 3 years in an effort to help. While the county can’t collect these tax dollars from individuals wishing to support the school with this investment, community members can make a donation to the school through the Treasurer’s office. 

Please watch for continued information regarding a financial update of your district, including our plans to balance the budget.  This community update will take place after the new state budget is released. We will do our best to protect your investment with the least amount of student impact.

Thank you,
Jennifer Adams, Jolene Carter, and Pleasant Board of Education