Spartan Strong Heroes

Spartan Strong Heroes
Posted on 04/09/2020

Click HERE to view announcement video!! Our Pleasant team hopes you are finding safe ways to communicate and celebrate with your family and friends.  

Are you or is someone you know a Spartan Strong Hero?

Spartan Strong Heroes put relationships first.  

They think we before me and build up others

They view setbacks as opportunities to grow and bring their best me to every situation.  

Our community is an amazing group of people who are doing amazing things to make a difference for their family, friends, and community.

Let’s use this time to grow and support one another! For the next 5 weeks, our district will be honoring 12 Spartan Strong Heroes!  A sign will be placed in your yard illustrating to neighbors, family, and friends, that your household has been chosen!  

We ask that you keep your sign for a week and the following week, select someone in the Pleasant Community you know that is a Spartan Strong Hero.  Write this person or family a card, stick the sign in their yard, and safely put the card in the door or under the doormat.  

Let’s keep these Spartan Strong Hero signs moving through our district as we have many people to recognize and celebrate!

Thank you to our district for leading the way!  Your positive mindset is greatly appreciated during this time and certainly is an asset to those around you!